Internal Medicine

Doctors of internal medicine, or internists, diagnose and treat diseases in adults. Sometimes known as a general practitioner or the “doctor’s doctor,” internists often work with surgeons, obstetricians, and other physicians to help solve complicated primary care problems in diagnosis and treatment. They also coordinate patient care where it is needed, including in the office, clinic, hospital, intensive care, or nursing home.

Internists at Summit Medical Group Arizona are primary care physicians who are experts in treating patients with common as well as rare diseases. They skillfully diagnose problems and manage severe chronic illnesses in patients who have more than one condition or disease.

Our experienced internists / general practitioners consider all aspects of a patient’s health. In addition to diagnosis and treatment, they promote good health by teaching patients about wellness.

For example, our internists discuss preventive approaches such as why it is important to exercise, eat a healthy diet, and not smoke. Our primary care physicians provide information about mental health, substance abuse, and women’s and men’s health. They also address common problems of the eyes, ears, skin, nervous system, and reproductive organs.