General Surgery

General surgeons at Summit Medical Group Arizona treat a variety of illnesses and injuries for patients in the Valley area. Our highly qualified surgeons have expertise in open surgery and laparoscopic surgery. Depending on your needs, your surgeon will decide which approach is best for you.

  • Open Surgery: For open surgery, your surgeon must make an opening, or incision, by cutting the skin and tissues. Open surgery incisions vary in size and depth depending on the type of surgery. How quickly you heal after open surgery depends on many factors, including the type of surgery you have as well as your overall health.
  • Laparoscopic Surgery: Laparoscopic surgery often is called minimally invasive surgery because it requires small (typically up to half an inch) incisions. Small tubes containing a video camera and surgical tools are inserted though the incisions. The surgeon then uses the image from the video camera inside the body to perform the procedure.

    Patients who have laparoscopic procedures often heal more quickly and experience less pain than patients who have open surgery procedures. For this reason, laparoscopic surgery has become popular. Despite its advantages, laparoscopic surgery is not an option for all patients.