Good Health

Launching in September 2018, Good Health is our monthly eNewsletter featuring a variety of up-to-date health and wellness information to help you and your family get healthy and stay healthy, including advice on seasonal health concerns such as flu shots, allergies, and sun protection, and ways to reduce heart disease risk.  Every issue includes thoroughly-researched articles with information that is critical for today’s consumers.  Our goal is to keep our patients informed about their health. Each issue also includes valuable information on related services, educational programs, and events at Summit Medical Group Arizona.

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June 2019

Published: June 2019

Table of Contents:
  • Some Don’t Like It Hot
  • Stress Management For Men’s Health
  • In Search Of Migraine Relief
  • Kids Pile On Pounds During Lazy Days Of Summer
Date: (06-05-2019)

May 2019

Published: May 2019

Table of Contents:
  • Women and Nutrition
  • Hormone Replacement — Not the Only Remedy for Hot Flashes
  • Lifesaving Truths About Hypertension
  • Understanding Asthma and Allergies
Date: (05-08-2019)

April 2019

Published: April 2019

Table of Contents:
  • QUIZ: How Much Do You Know About Testicular Cancer?
  • Plantar Fasciitis: Q&A With Dr. Evelyn Heigh
  • How Mental Health And Digestive Health Are Connected
  • 5 Common Questions About Infertility
Date: (04-10-2019)

March 2019

Published: March 2019

Table of Contents:
  • Preventing Colorectal Cancer with Screening Colonoscopies
  • Take Sleep to Heart
  • Respiratory Illness? Antibiotics Probably Won’t Help
  • The Brain Explained: Understanding Conditions of the Brain
Date: (03-06-2019)

February 2019

Published: February 2019

Table of Contents:
  • To Beat Heart Disease Gender is an Issue
  • Half of Cancer Deaths Can Be Prevented
  • How Can Plant-Based Eating Help You?
  • Practice Good Hygiene to Ward Off Germs
Date: (02-07-2019)

January 2019

Published: January 2019

Table of Contents:
  • Resolve to Make Mindfulness a New Year’s Resolution
  • Don’t Give Cervical Cancer a Chance
  • Vaccinate Against HPV
  • 9 Common Eye Problems
  • Screening for Osteoporosis
Date: (01-09-2019)

December 2018

Published: December 2018

Table of Contents:
  • Breast Care Services Now Available
  • FAST Action Matters When a Stroke Hits
  • Medicare Part D Coverage Gap
  • New Year New You: Staying Motivated for Your Health
  • Tis the Season to be Jolly - Not Frazzled
Date: (12-12-2018)

November 2018

Published: November 2018

Table of Contents:
  • Diabetes and Your Feet
  • Keep Prostate Problems in Check
  • Tips for Living with a Pelvic Floor Disorder
  • 7 Questions Everyone with Diabetes Should Answer
Date: (11-08-2018)

October 2018

Published: October 2018

Table of Contents:
  • Breast Cancer Screenings
  • What to Do About Low HDL Cholesterol
  • Fighting to Prevent SIDS
  • Welcome John Hammonds CRNP
Date: (10-10-2018)

September 2018

Published: September 2018

Table of Contents:
  • Am I Taking Too Many Medications?
  • Losing Weight Could Lower Your Risk for Endometrial Cancer
  • Ease Low Back Pain with Drug-Free Options
  • Teen Depression and Suicide
Date: (09-10-2018)