Your Visit

What to Bring

Please bring the following items to your appointment:

  • Insurance card(s)
  • Photo identification
  • List and/or bottles of current vitamins, supplements and medications
  • Any pertinent medical records, lab or x-ray results
  • A description of the problem and list of questions


Should your condition require a visit to a medical specialist, your provider will offer referral names and contact information; however, it is always best to check with your insurance to see which specialists are “in-network.”

Prescription Refill

Need a refill or want your provider to change something on your current prescription? Simply make the request through your pharmacy or through the patient portal, if applicable. Your provider will be notified and within a few days, your medication should be ready for pick up. Should the prescription no longer be appropriate for refill, you will be notified by your pharmacy or our office. Please allow five business days to process your refill requests. Alternatively, you may call the office to request assistance before you are at risk of running low.


Chaperones are available upon request for your comfort during an exam. Interpretation services can also be arranged. Please feel free to speak with a member of the office staff.

Appointment Reminders

You will receive an automated phone call, text, and/or e-mail to remind you of the date, time and location of your next appointment.

Patient Rights & Responsibilities

Copies may be obtained online at or inquire with a staff member at the front desk.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I asked to arrive early for my appointment?

We ask new patients to arrive 30 minutes early and existing patients to arrive 20 minutes early to allow time for necessary registration to be completed before you are called in to see your provider.

Why do I need to present my insurance card at every visit?

This is done to ensure that we have your most recent insurance information on file, allowing us to efficiently bill your insurance company.

Is everything covered during my preventive/wellness visits?

Our job is to care for you and accurately reflect the services provided in our billing. Carefully review what is covered under your plan, prior to your visit. If additional issues need to be addressed, it is recommended a separate appointment be scheduled. Please note, we will be unable to bill as an annual visit if medical concerns outside of preventive care are addressed. Subsequently, the manner in which you will be reimbursed will be based on your insurance company’s policy.

Is there anything I can eat when fasting for bloodwork?

We ask that you have nothing to eat for 10 hours prior to your scheduled blood work lab appointment. You may have black coffee or tea (no cream, no sugar). We recommend that you drink plenty of water as this makes the drawing process easier.

How and when will I get my lab results?

Lab work that is processed in-house is generally completed within five days. Lab work sent out for processing generally takes at least seven days. Once results come in, you will be notified either through our automated system, a message on the patient portal or by phone.

I no longer have health insurance. Can I still be seen?

We certainly see patients without health insurance. Payment, however, is required at the time of service.

How can I compliment or leave feedback for the staff?

Patient input is greatly appreciated and helps us become a better practice. We encourage you to visit our website,, and click on the link “How Are We Doing.” You may also contact our patient relations team at 844-896-1034 or email

I am going to be late for my appointment. Can I still be seen?

We make every effort to accommodate our patients. However, there are instances where patients are asked to reschedule. Patients who are going to be late are asked to please call the office to determine if you can still be seen.

Are same day visits available?

Many providers offer same-day appointments for patients with urgent medical needs. If your provider is unable to see you, we will make every attempt to schedule you with another provider. If you are experiencing a life-threatening emergency, call 911 and proceed to the nearest emergency room.

Who should I speak with regarding billing matters?

Our Summit Medical Group Arizona billing department can be reached at 602-564-6203.